Selling a Home in Maryland & Pennsylvania

We Know the Maryland & Pennsylvania Real Estate Market.

Maryland & Pennsylvania is a unique and diverse area. Working with professionals that make it their duty to know each community is important.  To obtain the highest possible sales price for your home, the marketing must reach the right buyers with the right message. We have the network and experience to do this.

Tips for Selling Your Home in Maryland and Pennsylvania Areas

Determine what you need and hope to get out of your home sale

When selling a home not many buyers focus on their current financial responsibility in their property as much as they focus on the potential asking price when listing the home. It is wise to know exactly what your current financial responsibility is on the current mortgage of your property. Many homeowners have a good general idea of what this number is, but a smart plan is to call your current loan servicer and discuss the exact remaining mortgage balance on your property.

It is also wise to know what your tax liability will be when you sell the property so that you are best prepared for these additional costs of home selling. Knowing all of the costs versus the best list price for your home can help you to determine what type of profit you can help to make on the sale of your home so that you can then prepare to purchase your next.

It is also a good idea to think about what you are hoping to receive in an offer on your property beyond just the offer price. Discuss what terms would be non-negotiable deal breakers like extending out a closing date. It is also good to discuss what minimum price you will accept for your home.

Find an amazing realtor

The most successful plan for selling a home anywhere is to employ professional real estate help from a local expert real estate agent. Real estate research has shown throughout the ages that using expert help is key to the most successful selling results.

Before hiring any Maryland/Pennsylvania realtor  you want to make sure you ask them plenty of questions in an interview style process. This will help you to get to know the details of how a specific realtor works before you sign a contract agreeing to work with them.

Some great questions to ask include information about recent properties they have sold and how they have advocated in the best interest of their clients specifically when it comes to selling a property. You can also ask them for references or testimonials from previous clients. 

Preparing your Maryland/Pennsylvania home to list on the MLS

Now that you have hired a great real estate agent have them come and look at your home in its current condition and glean from their knowledge in what makes a Maryland or Pennsylvania home desirable in the current market. They can help advise you on getting your home in top condition so that it is appealing to the widest set of buyers possible.

They can help you work within affordable parameters for your personal time, ability, and budget to get your house ready to list and market for sale. And once your home is pristinely clean, ready to photograph, and ready to list they can help you to set the ideal price point to list your home at.

If you are contemplating selling a Maryland or Pennsylvania area home please contact us. We are here to help you strategically market your home to the right audience and help it sell successfully in a shorter time frame and for its best price.

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