Using Seasonal Outdoor Decor Can Boost Your Harford County Home Sale

Using Seasonal Outdoor Decor Can Boost Your Harford County Home SaleGetting your home ready to sell in Harford County during the holidays can be challenging and keeping your home pristine during a busy season may seem overwhelming. But there are some advantages to selling during this time of year. Like utilizing a touch of seasonal decor to bring added charm and curb appeal to your home. 

Research has shown that curb appeal is a huge helping factor in selling homes. It attracts buyers and entices them to take a further look at the home in person. A picture of a nice-looking home as a thumbnail on an online listing can intrigue buyers to click on the listing and gather more information which can also lead to in-person showings. The more in-person showings the higher the chances of receiving a great offer. 

Here are Some Tips for Adding Outdoor Seasonal Decor to Your Harford County Home for Sale

Think Minimalist

The key to adding a seasonal touch of festive fun to outdoor decorations when your home is listed for sale is to keep things simple and neutral. A minimalist approach keeps things looking elegant and appeals to a larger number of buyers' personal style preferences. 

You want buyers to see themselves living in the home, It can be hard for a buyer to be excited about a home that feels overly decorated or decorated in a certain style that is too personalized. Keeping things traditional and simple is the way to go. 

Keep them Cohesive

When looking for which decorations to display outside your home, make sure that they go along with the style of the home. Modern neutral colors on a wreath compliment a modern architecture home. A traditional evergreen wreath and garland look great on a Victorian. Having one cohesive design that feels like it was made specifically for the home. 

Bring Attention to Great Features

Use decorations to your advantage by using them to highlight and bring the eye's attention to attractive elements of the exterior of the house. Keep things simple though as you highlight features because you do not want anything to seem too busy or cluttered. A wreath on a window can look attractive but it will block sunlight from coming inside the home so it might be better utilized to hang above the decorative Archway over a covered porch.

Potted plants

It may seem like potted plants in the winter or not conducive to the season but you can find some great potted plants that will bring a lot of interest and life to your front porch. Plants bring a huge amount of curb appeal to your front door area. A great way to use potted plants in the winter is to work with poinsettias. You do not have to go with the classic red either. Poinsettias come in a wide variety of colors and you can easily find one that works well with the exterior of your home and complements the overall style, color, and architectural story of your home. 

You want to make sure that you re-pot your poinsettias or at least stick them into decorative pots to cover the budget-friendly plastic pot covered in foil. That is decorative enough for the floral store but you want an elevated and luxurious look for your front porch. Finding some great inexpensive pots to either replant or gently stick the poinsettias in will elevate the look.

Additionally, you could use live evergreen cuttings they not only look fresh and amazing they also smell great. A small rosemary shrub is also an excellent complement to winter plants. A potted cypress on a small scale is also a fun touch with a few elegant white Christmas lights strung around it. 

Make sure to keep symmetry in mind when you are placing floral elements around your front door and your porch. This will help to keep things feeling uniform, formal, and appealing to the eye.

If you are considering selling your Harford County home please contact me. I am here to help you sell your home for the best price possible and promptly. I will work in your best interest and I'm here to help with any of your Harford County real estate needs.

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