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To Buy or Not To Buy a Home w/ a Swimming Pool?

It’s Summertime in the Mid Atlantic.

For anyone that has lived in Maryland, you definitely know that the humidity can be hellacious.  We have our cold winter, cool “but lately rainy” spring, and extremely comfortable fall.  All Marylander’s know that the summer brings the heat and the humidity.  Well instead of staying inside pent up in front of the air conditioner, why not enjoy your outdoor oasis with a swimming pool.

I get asked the question many times whether or not a pool increase or decreases the value of a home.

This is a loaded question with many variables:

  • Is it an above or below ground pool?
  • Is it a vinyl, fiberglass or concrete pool?
  • Does it take up the entire yard or still leave room for other enjoyment and activities?
  • Are the filters and equipment updated?

In all honesty, a pool can be very expensive to put in depending on the type.  I never really see a full return on the investment but it CAN make your home stand out in a competitive market.  There can be a slight increase in value but the social aspect and fun of enjoying the summer months do not have a value that can be replaced.  Everyone has heard the opinion that when you have guest over… everyone hangs in the kitchen.  Well, the pool is your outdoor kitchen.

The biggest fear of owning a pool is maintenance and costs.

While the biggest fear of owning a pool to new owners is the maintenance and cost… It’s not as bad as you think.  With today’s updated filters, chemicals, and cleaning accessories… you can spend more time in your pool rather than maintaining it.  My pool, for example, uses salt which is very easy to manage.  When I open my pool up, I take a water sample to the store, they figure how much salt to put in the pool and within 2 days I am up and running.  I do a weekly check of the ph and chlorine levels and I am finished.  This year I have literally put 4 bags of salt in the pool at 5 dollars a bag and haven’t added anything else.

Also the filters today are much more economical than the ones of the past.  For example, my pool cost me on average 40 dollars a month in electricity.  That is a lot cheaper than a membership and I have the advantage of swimming whenever I want.

Another feature that has come a long way is the automatic vacuums.  Gone are the days of hooking up hoses to create a suction and standing in the heat for hours a week.  Now you just plug in your automatic vacuum and walk away.  Upon returning your pool is crystal clear.  Actually, with today’s technology, they have remote control ones you can steer with your phone.  Technology has come a long way.

What does all of this Pool stuff mean when buying a Home?

To summarize everything: Buying a home with a pool is one of personal taste.  Everyone has different feelings about owning one.  Honestly, a pool can be a detriment to an uneducated buyer but with a little education can be one of great value.  I have sold homes to many buyers who were “first-time pool owners”  and went over the pros and cons with them.  Needless to say, they have all been extremely happy with their decision.  With the many advancements in equipment, owning a pool can be enjoyable rather than cumbersome. As far as putting a value on a home with a pool… It’s hard to put a tag on something that can give you lifelong memories that are Priceless!!

As always, I am here to answer any of your questions concerning all aspects of home ownership… even pool questions.  If you’re on the fence and not quite ready to “Dive In” feel free to reach out and my Team can assist you anyway you need.



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