Stage Your Bel Air Home Without Spending Money

Stage Your Bel Air Home Without Spending MoneyThere are many things you can do to get your home ready to list for sale in Bel Air to help it sell more successfully. One of the most tried and true items is staging. Staging is the act of setting up your home to showcase it so that buyers can see the best attributes of the home and imagine themselves living there. It is sort of like setting up furniture in a showroom within a mock living room instead of just setting it out. You are showing the buyer the potential use something has to help them get excited about making a purchase.

Staging can get costly but there are also some ways that you can stage your home without spending any money at all. There is no need to pull all of your belongings out of your house and bring in brand-new rented designer furnishings just to show off your home. You can stage your home with what you already own and get your Bel Air home sold successfully.

Start with cleaning

The best way to help set the stage for buyers to come into your home is to start with a good deep cleaning and decluttering. Decluttering your home is a great way to get a headstart on the packing you will eventually need to do anyway. You can create more space and make your home look even bigger by pulling many of the items you don't use frequently out of your home.

You may find that you want to donate some of it or sell it and even make money off of staging as opposed to spending it. Once you have gone through things you don't use you can pack away things that you don't need to use every day while your home is listed for sale like those water skis that you can only use in the summer.

The main focus of getting the clutter out of your home is to enable a buyer to see as much of the home as possible and to de-personalize the home to make it feel like it is a neutral space that is not comfortably occupied by someone already. Once you have paired your belongings down to the bare essentials of what you will need until your home is sold you can then commence with deep cleaning every area of the home possible. Some people opt for professional cleaning services but you can get a very good deep clean with a little bit of time, effort, and elbow grease on your part.

Rearranging furniture

You may find that changing the layout of the furniture in some of your most utilized rooms can help it to feel open and inviting. Some people make the mistake of bringing too much furniture into a space and it can make the room feel small and dysfunctional. You can do a lot with the layout of your furniture to help communicate how great a space is and how spacious it can be. If you are stuck on ideas for maximizing your furniture layout you can ask advice from your real estate agent.

Let in the light

A simple way to showcase your home and make it feel spacious and inviting is to make sure that as much natural light is flooding into the area as possible. If you have heavy curtains to help keep light out consider replacing them temporarily with some sheer ones or some blinds. If privacy is not needed for windows you might consider removing any window treatment altogether to let as much light in as possible at all times. Dark spaces can often feel small, cramped, and even depressing. Natural light can do wonders to help stage your home.

Fresh plants and fresh smells

Once your home is nicely cleaned and arranged with fewer personal belongings add an extra touch of life to the room with some fresh flowers and some great smells. Nothing is more inviting and life-giving than the use of plants to add a pop of color and a bright mood to the room. Additionally bringing in a very subtle but pleasant smell will help to boost the mood of your buyer as they walk through your home. You want buyers to have pleasant memories and a great first impression of your home so that you can successfully receive the highest offer possible.

For more information on selling a home in Bel Air and other areas of Maryland and Pennsylvania please contact me. I am here to help you market your Bel Air home to as many potential buyers as possible and get it sold for the best price possible in a reasonable amount of time. Contact me anytime with any Bel Air real estate needs.

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