Great Outdoor Activities in Harford County

Great Outdoor Activities in Harford CountyIf you are a nature lover who would rather be outside than inside, rather be hiking than bowling, rather be fishing than in an arcade, rather paddle a kayak than sit in a movie seat, You are going to love moving to Harford County, Maryland

Great Outdoor Spaces in Harford County Maryland

Deer Creek in Rocks State Park

Rocks State Park is almost in the heart of Hartford County. Deer Creek offers a beautiful spot for outdoor activities with crystal clear waters and Rocky outcrops. It's a great spot for fly fishing. Deer Creek is popular for its abundance of trout and smallmouth bass. There are several great trails for those who love to hike and the most popular hiking spot is King and Queen Seat offering panoramic views of the park in the valley. If you are an experienced climber you could enjoy some rock climbing. 

If you want to take your outdoor experience even further the Rocks State Park hosts seasonal events and educational programs throughout the year. 

Anita C Leight Estuary Center

This may be the most widely recognized place to enjoy the beauty of Harford County. At the Anita C Leight Estuary Center, you can enjoy several bodies of water, the forest, and everything in between. There are many well-maintained hiking trails that you can come back and discover a new area on multiple days. The center is a certified Chesapeake Bay storyteller by the Maryland Office of Tourism as well as the National Park Service. It is a great place to learn about the area and all of the wildlife in the ecosystem and learn about conservation.

Flying Point Park

If you are looking for a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere to take a jog or enjoy some kayaking or paddle boarding then this is a great spot. Flying Point Park is located on the Gunpowder River.  A park feature is a very popular sandy beach area great for the summer to enjoy sunbathing, sandcastle building, and picnics. On the edge of the park is the Island at Flying Point Marina Restaurant which is a fun dining experience making you feel like you have escaped to the beach. This park has a wide range of activities beyond the water and the shoreline including sports fields and playgrounds.

Gunpowder Falls State Park

One of the largest parks in the area spanning more than 18,000 acres it is easy to find a tranquil space in the park. Gunpowder Falls State Park is popular for the Gunpowder River and tributaries running through it. It is a popular spot to fish, kayak, go for a relaxing tube ride down the river, hike, and camp. There are several hidden gems within the park to explore including the old Mill villages that used to operate along the shores of the river. One of the most popular spots along the Little Gunpowder Falls is the historic Jerusalem Mill Village which takes you back in time to the 18th century million communities of the area.

There are endless amazing outdoor spaces in Harford County. These are just a small handful. If you are planning a move to Harford County Maryland and are looking for available homes, I can help. Contact me any time for any Harford County real estate

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