Fixing Color Mistakes in Your Harford County Home

Fixing Color Mistakes in Your Harford County HomeIf you're considering repainting your Harford County home it can be a great way to bring a fresh new look to your space and help it feel brand new again. This is why many realtors will advise that a fresh coat of paint can go a long way when you're preparing your home for sale. Before you begin painting make sure not to make these common color mistakes that many homeowners make so that your efforts turn out pleasing to the eye.

Taking into account the light in the room

The amount of light you have flooding into the room can make a big impact on how the color will look and feel once it is dry and all over the walls in the room. You want to make sure you consider how much light comes into the room both naturally and artificially. Not considering the light could mean that the paint color you fell in love with is not the same shade as it was in the store when you get it on your walls.

It is best to grab some paint samples or plenty of those sample papers and put them in an area that gets the least amount of light to see how the color actually looks in your space. It is better to paint a small patch than to have to redo an entire room.

Not finding the perfect middle ground

When it comes to colors sometimes we tend to feel that the safe route is to use one color over every surface. It is best to consider the room and the overall design and style you are going for. You may find that it is better to work with a couple of colors instead of one. You want to consider everything that is going into the room. Choosing one bold color could be too overwhelming but choosing one neutral color might be dull.

When choosing an overall color scheme for your interior design many designers will use the 60 – 30–10 rule. This means that 60% is your base color which is usually a neutral shade. The 30% is your secondary color which is your middle ground it is not a bold attention-grabbing statement color but something that ties the neutral with the color pop. The 10% is your bold interesting pop of color that brings life to the room.

Giving every room a completely different design

If you have open floor plan spaces this is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners tend to make. Your Harford County home would be best served if all of the spaces that flow into each other have one cohesive design. Furthermore, if you are getting your Harford County home ready to sell it is best if the entire house flows with the same over-arcing color design. This helps to bring focus and attention to a home's attributes rather than the current homeowner's design preferences. You don't want the eye to be overwhelmed and frustratingly distracted by the color of a room instead of the overall function.

Not using a contrast

When it comes to painting a room you don't have to go all out with the same safe color palette. Using just a little bit of an accent contrast color to bring attention to the architectural features of a room will help these areas stand out more and bring more interest to the space.

Not taking into account the architectural style and field

It is important to know the vibe and feel that the architecture of the room is giving. For example, if you have purchased a mid-century modern home you don't want to paint the room in colors that don't feel cohesive with that style. You also want to consider how you want to make your guests feel when they enter the room. If you want them to feel vibrant and full of energy for example you wouldn't pick 10,000 different shades of gray to paint and decorate the room. Take a minute to think about what you want to use the space for and the feelings you want it to bring to you and your guests

Having a mood and style in your head that doesn't come out in the design and paint on the walls will leave you disappointed and wondering what you did wrong.

Painting your home is an easy task but there are some ways that homeowners have unknowingly made color mistakes in their Harford County home and the end result isn't pleasing to the eye or the homeowner. Using these simple tips can help you to create space you will love.

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